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Free Sweepstakes Online

Understandably, a lot of people are turned of by joining free sweepstakes online because of the many scams that proliferate the web. The anonymity of the web plus its inherent "turn-key" nature ( churning out a scam website in less than a day) makes online sweepstakes a target genre for scammers.

Having said that - it begs the question: how about legitimate free online sweepstakes ? " Do people actually win from free sweepstakes online?"

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! A great number of real people have won cash and prizes online. Sweepstakes online is just like the traditional one. It is a marketing strategy to generate buzz about a product or a service.

Prizes From the simple premier movie ticket up to the grander prizes like a brand new car or even a house and lot were given away by sponsoring companies with goals of reaching out to consumers.

Online sweepstakes abound in the internet. It has gained popularity through the years because it is convenient for surfers to join. More often than not, joining is free and easy. Internet sweepstakes permits one to potentially enter hundreds of sweepstakes each day without the stationery and postage expense.


If you have the luxury of being online most of the time, you should ask yourself why can't you be the next sweepstakes winner? There are literally thousands of contests you can join especially if you're from Canada or the USA.

Companies and corporations are always cooking up promotions on the net as it gives them the chance to capture your email and build a huge mailing list so that when they have future offers and specials they can mail you and hopefully turn you into a customer.

These corporations have big budgets and sometimes their contests can last for years!

Some Precautions:

Exercise caution though if the sweepstakes asks you to send in money. And never give bank details or any other confidential information as these are how scammers work. If you did not enter any contest and you get an email that says you've won this or that amount - chances are it's a scam.

Have Fun!!!

Winning a contest is always fun, even if its just a sticker, poster or a meal. And with so many contests going on at the same time you can increase your chances by just joining a lot of them.

So can you win? The only way to really find out is try it yourself!

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